Greg Norman Addresses Controversy and McIlroy’s Comments Ahead of LIV Golf’s Season Opener

Greg Norman, the legendary Australian golfer and CEO of LIV Golf, has been the subject of much controversy over the past few months due to his comments about the PGA Tour and its superstar, Rory McIlroy.[0] In a recent podcast interview with Freakonomics’ Steven Levitt, Norman addressed the juicy controversies surrounding the hefty player contracts and the LIV Golf League.

Norman spoke to ahead of LIV Golf’s season opener in Mexico and responded to McIlroy directly after the Northern Irishman openly called for Norman's job a few months ago.[1] In the interview, he revealed that McIlroy never sat down with him to talk about LIV Golf and understand what it is.[2] He also mentioned a top-rated PGA Tour player, who was impressed with the LIV Golf.[2]

In November, McIlroy said that for things to get sorted between the two factions, Greg needs to leave and that there needs to be an adult in the room who is willing to put in an effort to mend the fences.[1]

Norman also spoke about the decision of the top-rated player who chose not to sign for LIV. He said he had respect for him because he was prepared to listen to what was on offer.[3] He applauded the player for having a tremendous amount of intelligence and street smart and for wanting to learn the truth and make a decision of his own.[4]

He further added that the players on the PGA Tour should be giving a standing ovation to LIV, the league, and the players for stimulating this new injection of money.[5]

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