Phil Mickelson’s Confusion Over PGA Tour Fashion Rules

Phil Mickelson recently took to Twitter to express his confusion and disbelief at the PGA Tour’s rules regarding clothing.[0] The tour does not allow players to wear shorts, but does allow the leader of this week’s Farmer’s Insurance Open to wear joggers with ankle socks, showing four inches of ankle. Sam Ryder, the 54-hole leader of the tournament, was the one wearing the joggers, which caused the golf world to go into a frenzy.[1]

Mickelson tweeted, “The Tour doesn’t allow shorts but does allow this week's leader to wear joggers with ankle socks? Showing 4 inches of ankle? I’m no fashion guy, never will be, but there are some things I won’t ever understand.” His tweet was met with some criticism, as some called out his own fashion choices over the years.

Despite the criticism, many agreed with Mickelson’s sentiment. While joggers are becoming increasingly popular among professional golfers, wearing them in tournament play is still a bit of a faux pas. The Saudi-backed LIV Golf series has allowed players to wear shorts, something that is still prohibited on the PGA Tour.[2]

At The 150th Open Championship, CBS reporter Kyle Porter pointed out that it appeared Mickelson was wearing a t-shirt, which is also against the dress code of tournament play.[2] This just goes to show that there is still a lot of confusion and debate among the golf world when it comes to fashion. While it is understandable that the Tour wants to maintain a certain level of professionalism, it is also important to allow players the freedom to express themselves and their style.

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