Titleist Releases 2023 TSR Family of Drivers: Get the Full Review Here!

Titleist has released their next generation of drivers, the TSR family, for 2023. This line includes the TSR1, TSR2, TSR3, and TSR4. Each model has been designed to suit different types of golfers, from beginners to mid- to low-handicappers.

The TSR1 driver is the most forgiving option, and is also the longest.[0] It has a Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness (MPVFT) to boost speed on off-center hits, and a rearward CG (center of gravity) to increase launch and height. The TSR1 is roughly 40 grams lighter than its sister club, the TSR2, thanks to a lighter headweight, 40-gram shaft and lightweight grip.[1]

The TSR2 is a high-launch, low-spin “max” driver, designed for players who make contact across the face.[1] It balances speed and stability and is engineered for playability and precise CG positioning (thanks to a reimagined SureFit Adjustable CG Track System) and an improved sweet spot.

The TSR3 is the more adjustable option in a tour-preferred shape.[1] Featuring a redesigned SureFit Adjustable CG Track System for improved playability and CG positioning accuracy, as well as a larger sweet spot, this club is engineered for performance. It has a mid-launch, mid-spin to suit mid to low handicappers.

Finally, the TSR4 features the smallest head and is designed to provide even more speed.[0]

If you’re looking for the best Titleist drivers 2023, then read our full reviews on the TSR1, TSR2, TSR3 and TSR4.[0] We’ve also reviewed other popular drivers like the Cobra AeroJet LS, Ping G430 LST, Ping G430 Max, and TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus and TaylorMade Stealth 2.

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