Tiger Woods’ Remarkable Career Continues: A Ball Lands in a Fan’s Jacket at the Genesis Invitational

Tiger Woods is making noise at the 2023 Genesis Invitational, but it's not just his impressive shots on the course that have been making headlines. On the 13th hole of the Riviera Country Club, Woods' shot veered off to the right and somehow found its way into a fan’s jacket.[0]

After making the cut at the Genesis Invitational, Woods hit an eagle on his first hole, his first since the 2020 Genesis Invitational.[1] Woods went on to save par from the right rough to remain even at par and added a birdie as he nears the end of Saturday's opening nine holes.[2]

Upon arriving at the landing spot of his ball, Woods found it had been tucked inside a spectator's jacket.[0] Woods and a PGA official were informed by the fan that when he shifted his jacket, the ball dropped to the floor.[3] Woods was informed of the situation by the fan, who said, “If I could, I would have pushed it out.”[4]

The finale of the Genesis Invitational tournament is set to take place on Sunday, February 19.[4] After Saturday's round, Jon Rahm was in the lead and is looking to win his third event of the year.[4]

Woods had earlier caused controversy after he jokingly handed his friend and rival Justin Thomas a tampon during the first round of the Genesis Invitational.[5] Critics branded his behavior as “14-year-old schoolboy” and reprimanded him for his strange prank.[4] Despite Tiger Woods' apology, the news of his actions had already raced around like a wildfire.[4]

The fan said: “I pulled off my jacket and it fell right there. [I was standing] right here, I haven't moved.” “If I could I would have pushed it out.”[6] This bizarre incident is just another example of the remarkable career of Tiger Woods, who continues to captivate audiences around the world with his unparalleled skill and remarkable career.[7]

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