Tiger Woods Praises Rory McIlroy’s Handling of LIV Golf Drama

Golf legend Tiger Woods has praised Rory McIlroy for his handling of the LIV Golf drama that has unfolded over the last 12 months, calling him “exceptional”.

The PGA Tour is responding to the threat posed by LIV with the introduction of “elevated” events, something that has generated “mixed emotions” and questions about the future format and access for lower-ranked players.[0]

McIlroy can return to world number one at the earliest possible opportunity with victory in this week’s Genesis Invitational in California, where he is grouped with Woods and Justin Thomas.[0]

The Northern Irishman became number one for the ninth time by successfully defending his CJ Cup title in October, the Northern Irishman reaching the summit after an absence of more than two years courtesy of his 23rd PGA Tour title.[1]

McIlroy has said that he has no problem with the world number one ranking becoming a “hot potato” as he battles to reclaim top spot.[1] He said: “This tour was built on ‘if you shoot the scores, you can move up the levels and play the biggest events’. That’s not going to be taken away.”[2]

Historically, tournaments that haven’t had cuts have not caused any grumbling, McIlroy said, and it is likely that a mixture of both formats will be seen.[3]

It is clear that McIlroy has handled the LIV Golf drama with exceptional poise and Woods has praised him for his performance as the face of the PGA Tour.

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