Max Homa Wears Mic for Third Round of Farmers Insurance Open, Discusses Golf Strategy and Jokes Along the Way

Max Homa is known for his fun-loving personality, which is often highlighted on his Twitter account.[0] On Thursday, the PGA Tour professional had an opportunity to showcase his lively personality while wearing a mic during the third round of the Farmers Insurance Open at the Torrey Pines in California.

Homa finished the day in fourth place with a score of 7 under.[1] He spoke with CBS commentators Trevor Immelman, Ian Baker-Finch and Frank Nobilo about different aspects of how to play the hole, including course management, shot-making strategy and other related topics.[2] He inserted an AirPod in his left ear and the commentators began chatting with him as he approached the ball on the fairway.[2] He talked about his strategy to hit a cut shot from the tee and the impact he anticipated the wind to have on the trajectory of the ball.[3]

The 32-year old was also asked about his approach to determining whether to attempt to reach the green in two shots or opt for a layup and what factors he considered in making that decision.[2] After dropping the ball to play his third shot, Homa joked, “I’m sure this is just in a peach of a lie.”[3] He two-putted for par.[3]

After the round, Homa discussed her experience with the microphone. He said, “I hope the fans at home liked it. And I hope that we can do something like that, if not the same thing, going forward. I thought it was good. I thought it was good to have insight on the golf course. Obviously it’s going to take us as players being a lot more flexible, but this is an entertainment product and that means we should entertain.”[2]

Players have been outfitted with microphones in the past, such as in the various iterations of The Match, but this is the first time it has been done in a professional tournament like those on the PGA Tour.[2] It's clear that the mic experience was enjoyable for Homa and hopefully, the fans at home got a different view of the game. With two more rounds left, we'll see if Homa can continue to bring laughter to the golf world.

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