Golfing Inspiration: Get to Know Paige Spiranac”

Paige Spiranac is one of the most popular figures in the world of golf today. The 29-year-old professional golfer turned social media influencer is a role model for aspiring golfers, and her massive Instagram following of 3.7 million is a testament to her popularity.[0]

Spiranac recently released a viral video teaching aspiring golfers how to get the proper grip on a golf club.[1] The clip begins with her sporting her trademark low-cut crop top and ends with her saying “What I like to do is just stand here and keep gripping it until it feels comfortable, that’s all you need to do.”

The golf influencer also recently took to her podcast, “Playing A Round,” to talk about her journey to becoming a professional golfer. She revealed how she was homeschooled and dedicated herself to the game from the time she hit her first golf ball. However, she found that despite working out, eating right and practicing, she wasn’t achieving the results she wanted. She said, “I had everything to be a world-class golfer, but I just couldn’t put it together and I didn’t know why. It was driving me actually insane.”[2]

She eventually stopped caring and lost her desire to pursue a professional career in golf, instead turning to a social life and fun.

Spiranac’s mission now is to make golf more accessible to a wider audience and break down the traditional barriers, especially for women.[3] Despite not having an outstanding career in professional golf, time and the videos with tips and analysis that she usually publishes have given her the necessary knowledge to be able to give her opinion on the sport she loves.[4] In a recent episode, she pointed out who, for her, is the best golfer today.[5]

Do you have a favourite golf influencer, and is it Paige Spiranac Let us know in the comments below.[6]

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