From Professional Golfer to Golf Influencer: Paige Spiranac’s Story

Paige Spiranac has gone from wanting to be a professional golfer to becoming the sport’s top influencer. Born to two athletes, she grew up homeschooled and spent her days practicing golf from morning till night. She was highly ranked as a junior golfer and decided to turn professional at 18.

When her endeavor as a professional golfer ended, Spiranac turned to social media, where she gained immense popularity. Posts featuring her cheerful personality, sassy attitude and golf tips have earned her both criticism and praise.

The golf influencer recently shared her story of what it was like to go pro on her “Playing A Round” podcast. She discussed feeling broken and exhausted after a year of public failure. Her parents had always told her that if she put in the work, she would be successful. But despite her best efforts, she could not reach her goals.

Spiranac eventually lost her desire for the sport and decided to pursue a social life instead. She gave up on her assistant coaching job and was two credits short of her college degree. She then got an invitation to play in Dubai, where she blew up and eventually decided to call it quits after a mentally exhausting year of professional play.

Today, Paige is one of the most popular figures in the golf world, thanks to her personality, social media presence, and skills on the course. Despite her failed attempts as a professional golfer, she has found success in her role as a golf influencer.