Experience the Best of Both Worlds: Combining the 2023 WM Phoenix Open and Super Bowl LVII

For sports fans looking for the ultimate cross-sport experience, the 2023 Waste Management Phoenix Open and Super Bowl LVII offer the perfect combination. The two events, both taking place in Arizona, will provide fans with an exciting and unforgettable weekend of competition, entertainment, and atmosphere.

The total cost of attending both events comes to at least $10,209.20. This includes four-day tickets for the WM Phoenix Open, ranging from $250 to $971, and Super Bowl tickets from $4,741 to $35,841.[0] Travel costs, such as accommodation and internal flights, should also be taken into account.

This Sunday, February 12, the Philadelphia Eagles will face off against the Kansas City Chiefs in a Super Bowl game held at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – only 30 miles away from TPC Scottsdale, where the WM Phoenix Open is currently taking place.[0] The last round of the Phoenix Open will take place on Sunday.[1]

Ahead of the Super Bowl and WM Phoenix Open, Old Town Scottsdale has become a hot spot, with thousands of people coming to Arizona.[2] Exploring the tailgate, tourists are also visiting art galleries, grabbing a meal and a beverage to savor.[2]

The WM Phoenix Open is the highest-attended golf event in the world, drawing more than 700,000 fans in 2018. It is home to professional golf’s rowdiest atmosphere and is by far the best-attended event in the sport. At the 16th hole par 3 of TPC Scottsdale, spectators are invited to cheer as loud as they can as the golfers prepare to hit their tee shot – the only hole on the PGA Tour that encourages such enthusiasm.[3]

Betting on the Waste Management Open and Super Bowl is also an option for those looking to make the most of their experience; offering plenty of opportunities for punters to make some money.

Whether you’re a fan of golf or football, the 2023 Waste Management Phoenix Open and Super Bowl LVII offer an incredible opportunity to get the best of both worlds. With great entertainment in store, an unforgettable atmosphere, and the chance to make some money, it’s sure to be an unforgettable weekend.

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