Did Trump Really Win a Golf Championship at His Own Club?

Donald Trump has declared himself the winner of the Senior Club Championship at his own Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida.[0] Despite not participating in the first day of the tournament, Trump took to social media to announce his win. The declaration has sparked speculation about the legitimacy of the victory, with former Sports Illustrated and ESPN writer Rick Reilly pointing out that the former president’s golf record isn’t quite as spotless as he’d have us believe.[1]

Trump allegedly told tournament organisers that he had played a strong round of golf on the course Thursday, two days before the tournament started, and decided that would count as his Saturday score for the club championship.[2] Clubs sources quoted by the Daily Mail described competitors’ surprise when they arrived on Sunday for the second day of the tournament to find Mr Trump’s name at the top of the leaderboard – five points clear of Saturday’s best performer.[3]

Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, confirmed to the Daily Beast that the ex-President was at the funeral on Saturday.[4] “In addition to being an excellent golfer, President Trump is an even better human being. He was honored to be in North Carolina on Saturday to celebrate the life of Diamond, a remarkable individual whose legacy will continue to live on,” Mr Cheung said.[5]

Rick Reilly, who has written an entire book about Mr Trump’s golfing exploits, took to Twitter to ask: “How could Trump ‘win’ a 2-day championship at his course in [Florida] this weekend when he spent most of Saturday at a funeral in [North Carolina]? Same way he’s won all of his tourneys. He lies. He scams. He cons.”[6]

It is commonly accepted that Trump is a proficient golfer; however, doubts can be raised about the validity of a title won at a course owned by him. The tournament was slated for Saturday and Sunday, but Donald Trump was attending the North Carolina funeral for the vlogger Diamond on the first day.[7] The outlet explained that Trump shot a stellar round on Thursday, which he counted as his first-round score.[8] The score achieved was five points higher than the highest score from Saturday's round.[9]

Nevertheless, Trump is known to be a decent golfer, and he once got the support of Tiger Woods.

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