Can You Golf in Stockholm on Vacation?

Golf Courses in Stockholm

Stockholm is a wonderful city to visit and is known for its amazing parks, museums and historical monuments. But did you know that Stockholm is also home to some of the best golf courses in Europe? Yes, it's true – you can actually golf in Stockholm while on vacation.

In this article, we'll explore some of the best golf courses located in the Swedish capital:

Bromma Golf Club

Bromma Golf Club is a beautiful golf course located in the city of Stockholm, Sweden. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious golf clubs in the region and offers players an 18-hole course with a well-stocked pro shop as well as a driving range and practice facilities for warming up before heading out to play. Its par 73 configuration stretches across 6,733 yards of challenging terrain, allowing for a variety of plays from both novice and experienced players alike.

In recent years, Bromma Golf Club has hosted some of Sweden's premier golf events, including the Statoil Masters and British Women’s Open Championship Qualifier. For an added challenge, many courses feature “The Bear” – an island green protected by water designed by medieval castle designer Einar Gustavsson. The clubhouse also features several amenities such as:

  • Casual dining with stunning views over water and city skyline of Stockholm.
  • A bar.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Sauna.
  • Pro shop facility where you can rent golf equipment.
  • Locker room facilities.
  • Storage for your own golf bags, buggys etc.

Bromma Golf Club is a great place to spend time enjoying the incredible sights that Swedish countryside has to offer while playing on some amazing courses!

Haninge Golf Club

Haninge Golf Club, located only 15 minutes from central Stockholm, provides a perfect golfing destination for tourists and Stockholm locals alike. Established in 1936, the Club consists of two 18-hole courses situated on 156 hectares of land. With lush green fairways, fast greens, deep bunkers and challenging water hazards cut out of the rolling terrain, these courses offer a rewarding challenge to golfers of all skill levels.

The pro shop is well-stocked with golf equipment and merchandise, while the restaurant serves up Swedish delicacies with a stunning view overlooking the 18th hole.

Visitors to Haninge Golf Club can enjoy playing on two distinct courses – the white course which is characterized by wide fairways surrounded by trees and shrubs and the yellow course which has narrower fairways but offers more strategic options. There are also two 9-hole practice areas as well as driving ranges with mats in order to work on your short game or to warm up before teeing off.

Come experience some of the best golf that Sweden has to offer!

Tyreso Golf Club

Tyreso Golf Club is situated near Stockholm and has gained worldwide recognition for offering stunning views, friendly people, and a host of amenities that attract golfers from all over the world. The 18-hole championship golf course has been carefully crafted by renowned designer Isao Aoki to ensure fairness, challenge, and remarkable beauty. With an open fairway on each hole, the atmosphere of the traditional golf course gives way to a sense of spaciousness and calm.

At the core of Tyreso Golf Club is its membership program – with over 700 members – that enjoys exclusive benefits such as discounts on green fees, participation in their tournaments and leagues, access special social events, as well as access to practice areas. In addition to these perks, members also enjoy:

  • private locker rooms with shower facilities;
  • restaurant and bar services;
  • meeting rooms with full service kitchens;
  • Professional Pro Shop services;
  • driving range;
  • putting green area;
  • rental carts & club sets for visitors;
  • golf carts for your convenience;
  • private lessons available from PGA Professionals.

In conclusion, Tyreso Golf Club is an exceptional facial facility offering an unforgettable experience with its up-to-date amenities and facilities—making it one of Stockholm’s top-rated golf courses for visitors looking for some fun in the sun!

Accommodation Options

If you are planning a golfing vacation in Stockholm, you have some great accommodation options available to you. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel, a quaint bed & breakfast, or a comfortable rental house with golf courses nearby, Stockholm has something for everyone.

Let's take a closer look at some of the accommodation options available in the city:


When looking for accommodation options for a golfing holiday in Stockholm, you can choose from a range of hotels. Stockholm has an impressive selection of five-star hotels providing luxury and comfort, as well as some cheaper but still comfortable alternatives. All hotels are within easy access to the golf courses scattered around the city.

If you are looking for five-star luxury, then look no further than the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Located right next door to the Royal Palace, this hotel is well placed for you to explore everything Stockholm has to offer. Offering world-class facilities such as babysitting and gym services, The Grand Hotel also boasts stunning views over Lake Mälaren or Årstaviken.

Alternatively, The Scandic Plaza is located in the heart of Stockholm and has great links to many of the local attractions and golf courses within the city. Offering comfortably furnished rooms with private bathrooms, a restaurant with terrace seating perfectly placed near Sankt Eriksplan park, this hotel is perfect if you’re seeking something more reasonably priced but still close to all areas of interest in the city.

If you want something unique stay experience during your vacation then did you consider trying one of many available AirBnB rentals around Stockholm? There are some charming apartments up for rent offering modern amenities that’ll make your stay special and personalised! Whether its romantic getaway from couples or friends exploring a new place together – Airbnb offers cost efficient accommodation solution that’ll fit any budget without sacrificing comfort.


Airbnb is a popular way to find accommodation for any type of vacation, including golfing trips. Stockholm has a wide selection of Airbnbs available for people looking for stylish, affordable and convenient lodging. Depending on your budget and purpose for the trip, you can find anything from an entire apartment with a full kitchen and extra amenities, to shared spaces and individual rooms in private homes.

No matter what kind of accommodation you're looking for, Airbnb can offer great deals in Stockholm to make sure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. All accommodations listed on Airbnb have helpful information like descriptions and reviews so that you can find the perfect spot that suits all your needs. Some general amenities you may find while browsing through listings include wifi connection, pet-friendliness options, detailed house rules and more. Many Airbnbs also offer special amenities that are tailored towards golfers such as clubs storage, putting greens or access to nearby golf courses.

Airbnb offers flexible lodging solutions to suit everyone's needs – whether that's security features like keyless entry locks or special features like hot tubs or rooftop terraces! For your next vacation to Stockholm, choose an Airbnb option that will fit your budget and provide the best experience possible.


Camping is a great accommodation option to explore Stockholm on vacation – there are plenty of camping grounds located in and around the city, offering excellent facilities, such as cabins and camping plots with electricity. Most of the campsites also offer services such as market places, laundry facilities and wifi. Accommodation options include traditional tents, rental caravans or motorhomes for those who don’t own one. Not only does camping take you closer to nature and its beauty but it is a great way to save money too!

The areas surrounding Stockholm offer excellent outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and swimming – you can even try your hand at golf! For those who are passionate about golfing, the city has several excellent courses that offer fantastic views of the beautiful cityscape. These include:

  • Djursholm Golf Club which is set on beautiful wooded grounds;
  • Roxen GK’s course located 25 minutes south of Stockholm;
  • an 18-hole course at Drottningholm Golf Club.

Whether you are an advanced golfer or just starting out on this sporty hobby – these courses have something for everyone!

Other Activities

Golfing in Stockholm can be a great way to spend your time on vacation, but there are plenty of other activities that you can enjoy as well. Whether you're traveling with friends or family, there are things to do in the area that everyone can enjoy. From sightseeing to visiting local attractions, Stockholm has something for everyone.

In this section, we will take a look at some other activities that you can enjoy while on vacation in the city:


Stockholm is the perfect destination for any traveler who wants to explore some of Sweden’s most iconic sights. Its many museums, galleries and historical monuments make it a city to be truly admired.

Take advantage of its water-lined streets and parks, and consider a leisurely cruise along the archipelago. Take in spectacular views of the Royal Palace and other breathtaking architecture as you wander through Stockholm’s elegant neighborhoods.

Of course, no sightseeing trip to Stockholm would be complete without sampling some of the best Swedish cuisine or shopping in its numerous boutiques. No matter where you look, Stockholm makes it easy to take in stunning vistas on land or sea!


Sweden is known for its high-quality products and fashion. It offers a wide variety of international brands and local products to explore. Whether you're looking for major retail outlets, small boutiques, or traditional “viktualier” (loosely translated as “specialty foods”), Stockholm offers them all. Shopping can be a great way to pass the time in between sightseeing and exploring the city's other attractions.

The city of Stockholm has plenty to offer when it comes to shopping experiences. Areas like Norrmalmstorg, Östermalmstorg, the Vasastan district, Södermalm Island, and the Kristerbågen Shopping Mall have trendy stores and boutiques that carry apparel from some of the most prestigious designers in Europe. You’ll also find smaller specialty shops selling handmade jewelry, art supplies, Scandinavian souvenirs, vintage clothing items, books and more! Away from the main shopping areas you’ll find a number of flea markets where you can pick up vintage furniture or unique antiques from around the world at a fraction of what they cost in stores.

There are also great places for foodies looking to sample some Swedish delicacies such as cured meats, breads, cheeses or meals prepared with local ingredients. In many cases you don’t even need to leave your hotel as there are often mini-markets onsite that offer all these services too!


Stockholm is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world, and it offers a wide variety of restaurants catering to all tastes. Whether you’re looking for a cozy traditional Swedish eatery, an Asian fusion joint or an upscale Michelin-star restaurant, there’s something for everyone.

Stockholm’s restaurant scene has really taken off in recent years, with new restaurants from talented, ambitious chefs popping up in nearly every corner of the city. You will find plenty of options in any area, so you may want to take your time to carefully research before booking a table. Regardless of your choice, you're sure to have a great gourmet experience when dining out in Stockholm!

Cost and Budgeting

Golfing in Stockholm, Sweden can be an enjoyable way to spend your vacation. However, you need to consider the budget required to golf while on vacation in Stockholm. Depending on the type of course and club you plan to golf at, you could face a range of different costs that need to be factored into your budget. This will include the cost of green fees, equipment, and any additional services at the clubhouse.

Let's take a closer look at the budgeting requirements of golfing in Stockholm:

Golf Fees

Golf fees in Stockholm vary, depending on the time of year, course selected, public or private club and other factors. Many golfers are surprised at how costly it can be to play a round. Here is a breakdown of typical fees for golf clubs in and around Stockholm:

  • Green Fees: The cost of playing one round depends on the course and time of day you choose. Generally, an 18-hole round during peak playing hours costs between 800 to 1500 SEK (Swedish Kroner). Senior citizens receive discounts and some courses offer half-day tee times at lower prices.
  • Cart Fees: Most courses rent electric carts which allow players to quickly get around the course with all their clubs and belongings. The rental fee varies but generally costs around 300 SEK (per cart). Some clubs require an additional deposit that may vary depending on the policy of the given facility.
  • Club Rentals: Clubs can be rented at most courses for an additional fee of 200 – 300 SEK per set. This is a great bargain if you're only visiting a short while or don't want to travel with bulky golf bags!
  • Annual Membership Fees: Most courses will waive green fees for members who buy annual passes; however, there are often annual dues that must be paid. In most cases, this includes a hefty initiation fee along with monthly or annual payments that add up to hundreds of dollars per year – much more affordable than individual green fees every time you play!

Accommodation Costs

When planning a vacation in Stockholm, you should consider your overall budget and cost of accommodation. While beach resorts tend to be more expensive than city accommodations, there are possibilities for all kinds of budgets. Stockholm offers various cultural activities, dining and shopping options, as well as a variety of accommodation possibilities for both long-term and short-term stays.

Prices for accommodations vary significantly depending on season and the type and quality of the accommodation chosen. Hotel rooms range from budget level to deluxe five-star hotels, with rates per night traditionally discounted on weekends. Hostels provide an economical boarding option for single travelers or small groups and may be either private or shared rooms (e.g. 2-3 beds). Airbnb is increasingly popular in Stockholm, allowing tourists access to private rooms within residential homes or apartments at usually lower costs than hotel rooms; however they may come with extra factors such as shared areas such as kitchens or bathrooms that should be kept in mind during booking.

No matter what type of accommodation you choose while visiting Stockholm, it is important to weigh up the benefits that each offer in order to find one that fits your budget while also providing all the necessary amenities.

Additional Expenses

In addition to the cost of golfing, there are a variety of additional expenses you must keep in mind when planning your vacation to Stockholm. Depending on the length of your stay, additional costs may include accommodations, meals and transportation around the city and beyond.

Lodging costs can vary widely depending on the location, the quality and the amenities. Hotel costs tend to be significantly higher than other types of lodging such as rental apartments or private accommodations. For budget travelers, it is possible to find hostels or other budget accommodations that offer lower nightly rates. Meals should too be taken into account when creating a budget for your trip; many people find restaurant prices in Stockholm to be significantly higher than those found in other European cities.

If you plan on traveling outside of the city during your stay, you will need to consider the cost for transportation as well. Public transportation within Stockholm is generally quite affordable but depending on where you choose to go during your visits can increase expenses quickly; rental cars may be an option for some travelers while others will opt for train tickets or coach tours if they plan ahead in advance.

Tips and Advice

Golfing in Stockholm can be an amazing experience for any vacationer. The city is home to a variety of courses and courses for a range of levels and budgets. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or a novice, you can find the right course for you in Stockholm.

Let’s explore the tips and advice you should consider when planning to golf in Sweden’s capital:

Bring Appropriate Clothing

One of the most important things to remember when golfing in Stockholm for a vacation is to bring appropriate clothing. Even during the summer months, temperatures can drop significantly and overnight rain is not uncommon. Thus it is essential to bring warm, rain-resistant clothing and shoes when golfing on holiday in Sweden.

In addition, the Swedish Golf Federation recommends wearing knee-high socks or trousers to ensure maximum protection against ticks which may be present in areas of uncut grass. Certain long-sleeve shirts are also available which are effective at preventing tick bites and provide extra insulation if playing on a cool day. Moreover, if playing during windy weather, it may be beneficial to wear a light waterproof jacket or sweater.

Finally, it is always important to stay hydrated while playing outdoors; therefore bringing enough water or sports drinks can help prevent dehydration throughout your day of golfing. Ultimately bringing the right clothing and accessories with you on vacation can make your time spent golfing in Stockholm more enjoyable and comfortable!

Research Local Rules and Regulations

Before you plan your visit to Stockholm for a golfing vacation, be sure to research local rules and regulations dealing with golfing in public or private courses. In many cases, you will find that visitors from other countries may require special permission or permits before attempting to play on public golf courses. Additionally, private courses may have certain restrictions that must be respected. Knowing the most up-to-date rules and regulations on golfing in Stockholm prior to your vacation can help avoid possible delays or confusion when visiting a course of your choice.

If you plan to use a caddy at the course, be sure to bring cash as most clubs do not accept credit cards for this service. Also, research any age restrictions on carts and clubs prior to leaving home as some clubs offer free use of carts only if the customer is certain minimum age. Most types of proper attire are accepted at Stockholm’s public and private courses but each individual course should be contacted in advance for details on acceptable dress code and any additional restrictions or requirements.

Take Advantage of Discounts and Deals

Unlike some other cities, golf in Stockholm is often accessible to visitors at a discounted rate. Many local courses offer daily, weekly and even seasonal discounts on green fees. Look into special packages offered by hotels, resorts or tour companies that may include green fees as well as accommodations and meals. Many public courses can be booked through online services such as GolfNow which may have further discounts not available in person or directly from the website of the course.

Keep an eye out for early morning timeslots to get a round of golf in before the full heat of the day takes effect— this can save you money as well as helping you beat the crowds!

It’s also important to take the time to research any dress codes or equipment policies of clubs prior to your arrival – some courses may require you to use their gear or follow a certain dress standard when teeing up, so plan accordingly and adjust if necessary.

A little effort can make your golf trip more budget friendly, allowing you to enjoy one of Stockholm’s many beautiful courses without breaking the bank!